What is True Success?

Have you ever wondered, “What is true success?” 

What does Successful living mean? Our society today defines success in terms of worldly possessions – wealth and status but is that really success?

what is true successHaving money, possessions, being famous, having power, keeping up with, or surpassing our neighbours, that is what we think of as success. Is it? Is that all that we need?

We wake up each morning, work, and if we are fortunate, have the time and money to perhaps relax afterwards or take part in a sport or hobby. If we are really successful, we may not have to work at all.   Is that all that living means?

Existing from day to day, some of us, the “successful” ones, being able to indulge ourselves more than others? Is this really what living means?

So, successful living is to be rich, powerful and famous, and to have the opportunity to indulge your every desire. How many rich, famous and powerful people have your heard of who have been “happy”? How many have you heard of who have been married many times, whose children hate them, who are alcoholics, drug abusers, who have committed suicide?

No, being rich, powerful and famous does not mean you are successful, and merely existing from day to day does not mean that you are living.  So, what is true success?

Successful living means being happy.

It means making the most of every moment of your life, enjoying what you have now, and looking forward eagerly to the future, with every intention of making it better. Successful living also means being a better you, not you against anybody else, just you performing at your very best, not all the time but most of the time. Decide to improve your performance in all of the areas of your life, and realise that there is a vast difference between a standard of living and a quality of life.  This is the answer to, “What is true success?”

You are the only person who can truly decide to improve your performance, and strive for a quality life. The choice is yours alone.

Excerpt taken from “Successful Living” by Brett Walker and Roy Savery.

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Paul Andreas

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  1. Maria Arnold

    Its rather a sad and unfortunate occurrence in our society and even our closest neighbourhood that those people whom we see and envy as being “successful” in terms of fame, wealth and possessions are those whose life and family tend to be filled with trouble and various health issues. Could it be that being “successful” in this case comes with these challenges naturally?

    1. Paul Andreas

      Maria, it doesn’t have to be like that. I think that it is possible to be “successful” and enjoy good health and good relationships. My book, “Successful Living” explains how.

  2. Gracy West

    Sure! Everyone is successful in one way or the other, but the only difference is that we quickly equate success to monetary possessions. Well, for me, being successful is seeing yourself as the best version of whom you are and working everyday to improve on yourself.

    1. Paul Andreas

      That sounds like a good definition of success, Gracy.

  3. I want to be successful so your article abou what is true success was very interesting to me. Thanks for writing it.

  4. Catalina Garcia

    I liked this post. Thanks for the useful information.

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