The Secret of Successful Living

.Many people search for the secret of successful living.

Many never find it. This excerpt from “Successful Living” by Roy Savery and Brett Walker will help you.

The Human Race faces more problems today than ever before and most of them are self-inflicted.

We have world-wide pollution, wars, bankrupt economies, famine and civil disturbance. In our own country we face a continuing decline of moral standards. Figures are soaring for crime, drug and alcohol abuse, divorce, child abuse and racial conflict, and many businesses and individuals have enormous financial problems.

Successful Living HandbookWhat can individuals do in the face of these vast problems?

Many of the troubles can be trace back to the attitudes and behavior of individuals. And I feel that the place to start is by encouraging people to identify and tackle the problems in their own personal lives.

All too often problems are not recognize until they have become serious.

With this Successful Living Handbook I hope to help people identify problem areas. And deal with them before they become significant.

The Handbook is designed to help individuals and families think about how they can get more out of life, and realise that quality of life is more important than standards of living.

Only once you have thought things through will you be able to work for a more successful, meaningful, quality of life.


Quality of life is more important than standards of living!

Our performance as individuals is the key to enjoying life.


Excerpt from, “Successful Living” by Brett Walker and Roy Savery, available from Amazon, Kindle. 

As a young man the author, Roy Savery, discovered some principles that enabled him to become a successful businessman and to become a member of the “Million Dollar Round Table”. This is where he learned about the importance of whole life development and living a balanced life.

The success principles that he learned enabled him to become an International speaker, author and life coach. In addition his hobby is cycling and he became one of the fastest cyclists in the world. For his age group when he came third in ” The World Masters Track Championship” in 2011. You can use the same principles that he learned to achieve the goals that you want for your life.

Roy’s work has helped to change the lives of many people around the world. When you read his book you will benefit from the same material that he shares with his coaching clients but at a fraction of the cost.

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  1. nealcaffery

    Keeping a good and steady attitude can really make a difference in your life! When I believed I could do nothing, then I got nothing done, but when I believed in myself finally, I started to reach my goals! Attitudes shape us and we have to learn to change them before we can be successful!

  2. Nico Tuffin

    I Really appreciate you sharing this blog post about successful living. Thank you for the information. Keep writing!

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