Linking Words For The IELTS Speaking Exam

 In the IELTS speaking exam it is good to know linking words that help you to transition naturally from one idea to another.  Part three of the test gives you a chance to express your opinions and develop your ideas.  To do this correctly you need to be flexible and able to justify your opinions.  This enables you to show off your language and increase your vocabulary score.

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IELTS Vocabulary Tips

Many IELTS exam candidates don’t obtain the IELTS result they desire because their vocabulary is not wide enough. Certain topics, such as health, environment, education and public transport appear regularly in the IELTS exam. If students were to take the time to learn vocabulary related to these topics they would increase their band score. Many students don’t bother because they find learning vocabulary is boring. Here are some IELTS Vocabulary tips that will help to make vocabulary learning fun and interesting:

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