The Benefits of One-to-One English Tutoring

Have you ever wondered if One-to-One Tutoring is worthwhile?

Classroom teachers neglect most of their students’ needs!

A bold statement perhaps but it’s true.

benefits of one to one english tutoringIn general, classroom teachers compile their lessons for the benefit of the middle third of their students. This means that the top third and the bottom third are neglected.

No matter how good a classroom teacher is the content of their lessons will never be relevant to all their students. They have to focus on the middle third so as not to bore everybody.

It is a scientific fact that no two learners are the same because their brains absorb information in different ways. This is especially true of language learning. The mistakes that students make are individual to them.

Therefore, one-to-one coaching is the fastest way to improve your language skills because the teacher can focus on helping you learn and on correcting your mistakes.

Imagine that there are 10 students in a language classroom, each wanting the teacher’s attention. If the class lasts for 50 minutes then, on average, the teacher will only be able to give five minutes of individual attention to each student.

Therefore, for every fifty minutes that you spend in a classroom you will receive, at the most, five minutes of individual attention, which means that one-to-one tutoring is 10 times more efficient than classroom learning. When you add in the travel time to and from the class then one-to-one tutoring is even more efficient.

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Paul Andreas

Paul Andreas is a Certified Speaking Coach and qualified TEFL Teacher Online English Lessons delivered by Skype for IELTS exam preparation and conversational English. Get a free trial lesson.

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