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5 Top Tips to Learn English Fast

English is useful and fun to learn, so sometimes we forget that it will not happen overnight. But don’t give up yet! If you want to learn English fast, and are ready to put the work in, here are some things you can do to learn English quickly.

  1. Be an Active Learner

learn english fastEvery action you take, has an English verb. Everything you see, has an English adjective to describe it. Everything you think, has an English translation.

So, keep a notebook or work-book as your personal English dictionary, and write down every new word or phrase you find, next to what it means. Unusual words are useful when learning fast, because your teacher or friends might not tell you them.

When you need to use a word or phrase, you can find it quickly in your dictionary.

  1. Pick a Celebrity English Teacher

Pick any English speaking celebrity you like, and study how they speak in interviews. This will help you learn English fast, as it will help you with many different skills, and your “lessons” will always be enjoyable.

Your listening will improve when you watch interviews for gist and meaning, your accent will improve when you repeat speech, and your English understanding will improve when you learn new vocabulary.

  1. Focus on Common Words

There are around 171,000 words used in the English language.

The good news is, you do not have to learn anywhere near that many. When English speakers are having conversations, they only use around 3000 simple words. Learn how to use these words and phrases, and you can have amazing English conversations.

Master this group of common words, and the uncommon words will be easy to handle. A good way to do this, is to learn some English idioms.

  1. Speak to Real People

Listening to English music, reading English books, and watching movies in English are all wonderful ways to learn. But, you cannot learn English quickly by being quiet. To be fluent fast, you must speak to real people.

At first, it does not matter if you speak to another learner, just talking out loud in English will help build your confidence.

Then, you can use your English skills with native speakers, who can help you with your mistakes. This will speed-up learning English, because you will perfect your accent, and learn things that only native speakers know.

  1. Choose Good Goals

Being fluent in any language is a long process, so it is very easy to give up. Simply telling yourself,  ‘I will be fluent in English by the end of the month’ is not helpful, because it will not happen.

Choose small goals such as:

    •     ‘I will be able to watch this movie without subtitles by the end of the month’
    •     ‘I will know how to use all the synonyms for ‘best’ by the end of the week’

You must remember why you want to learn English. What made you pick up your first English book, or complete your first English lesson?

We learn English for many different reasons:

– It is the most spoken language. When we know how to speak English, it is much easier to travel, learn, and meet new people.

– It is the language of business, and valued workers use it every day, in meetings around the world.

Remember your reasons in order to stay motivated and reward yourself for your English success.

When you have a happy attitude to lessons, making mistakes will not hold you back, so you can learn English fast.

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