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Here’s how to submit your writing tasks:

  1. Type your essay, letter or report into an MS Word file (or use a simple text file, if you don’t have Word) and save it.
  2. Don’t write more than 200 words in a letter or a reportand no more than 300 words for an essay.
  3. The question and the answer should be in the same file. Include the question above your answer.  Include the map or chart if there is one.
  4. If the question is taken from a book pleasewrite the name of the book and the page number.
  5. Submit every task in its own file, and in a separate email. For example, if you are submitting two tasks, send two emails, one task per email.
  6. Write “Essay” in the subject line if you are sending an essay, “Letter” if you’re sending a letter or “Report” if you are sending a report.
  7. Please send your task attached to email admin and include your Paypal Invoice ID.

Additional Instructions if you bought 4 or 8 Tasks

  1. Your email subject lines must be different for each task you send. So, if for example, you bought 4 Tasks then number them 1 to 4, eg “1 Essay, 2 Report, 3 Report, 4 Essay.
  2. Important! Do not send the same task twice, because you will be charged twice.
  3. You can send as many tasks as you want on the same day – but please ensure that you send one task per email.


How long does it take to check?

Your task will be returned to you within four days with any errors corrected, an estimated band and suggestions for improvement.

We look forward to checking your homework!


We believe that if you speak English well, then you will enjoy English more and your listening, reading and writing skills will improve.





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