Online One-to-One Coaching

We can help you to learn English fast with One-to-one Coaching Lessons.

No matter where you live in the world we can coach you by using Skype or Zoom calls.  Our lessons are tailored to your needs.

We believe that if you speak English well, then you will enjoy English more and your listening, reading and writing skills will improve.  We can help you to reduce your accent, improve your pronunciation and develop a more powerful, confident voice.

Perhaps you want to improve your grammar skills.  Maybe you’re a B+ and you want to improve to a C. If so, we can give you an online test, which will show you exactly which grammar to focus on to improve your proficiency.

We can design a course of lessons for you that will prepare you for the IELTS exam and give you a mock test so that you will know when you are ready to take the real exam.  This is much cheaper than taking the exam and then having to retake it because you didn’t get your required band.

So, whatever your needs, we can help you to achieve your goals by designing a course of online lessons for you.

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