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Change Your Mindset to Learn English Quickly

Do you find it hard to learn English?  Many students do find learning English difficult .  One reason for this may be that they have developed a negative mindset because of bad experiences at school in English lessons.  If that is your experience then change your mindset to learn English quickly

For example, your teacher might have corrected a mistake and this might have affected your confidence.  If you allow your mind to think back to this incident then you can develop negative thoughts, a poor self-image and a negative attitude toward learning English.  This can then become a downward spiral.  The solution is to break the negative, downward spiral and replace it with a positive upward spiral.

When your experience of learning English is positive and happy you will learn faster and enjoy learning English more

Here are three tips to help you to develop a positive attitude toward English, and create a positive upward spiral:

  1. Create happy emotions when You Think of English

Instead of focussing your thoughts on bad experiences with English think of the good experiences that you’ve had when learning English.  Change your emotions about English from being sad ones to being happy ones.  When you think of learning English get excited.  Change your body language, for example, make a steeple with your hands. When you change your body language from sad actions to happy actions then your emotions will follow along and you’ll get happy emotions.  Continue to do this daily and learning English will become fun and exciting.  When you’re emotions are happy then you’ll learn English faster.

  1. Change the Things You Say

Words are powerful so, if you have a tendency to speak negative words, change your words to positive words.  Negative thoughts and negative words can result in a downward spiral so stop negative thoughts.  If they occur just say “stop” and think a positive thought.

For example, try these three affirmations to begin with:

  • I speak with power.
  • I speak with enthusiasm.
  • I love learning English.

Say them at the same time each day.  When you wake up is a good time, so is lunchtime or evening, just before going to bed.  When you’re out jogging is also good.  You will be exercising, deep breathing and feeling good physically.  That emotional feeling of well-being will carry over when you make your affirmations. Also, they are more effective if you say them out loud as it wakens your hearing and ingrains the thought into your sub-conscios. 

The result will be that, within 21 days you will notice an improvement in your confidence and your performance.

21 days is the amount of time that it is estimated you need to establish new habits.  Don’t just stop at 21 days though. 

Continue in 21 day cycles and make up your own positive affirmations that are personal to you.

3. Visualise Yourself Speaking Well

Visualising is a great way to make improvements.  It is used very effectively by athletes to improve their performance but did you know that professional speakers use it as well, in order to improve their public speaking skills?  They visualise themselves making entertaining speeches before a captivated audience and getting tremendous applause at the end.

You can use it as well to improve your speaking skills.  Lie down on a couch, close your eyes and visualise yourself having enthralling conversations with your friends, with perfect pronunciation.  Imagine your teacher commending you on your wonderful accent.  Continue visualising daily and your visualisations will become reality.

Follow these three tips regularly and your confidence will soar and you will change your Mindset to learn English quickly.

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