The Secret to Successful Living

What does Successful living mean? Our society today defines success in terms of worldly possessions – wealth and status. Living – surely that means that we are still alive.


secret to successful livingHaving money, possessions, being famous, having power, keeping up with, or surpassing our neighbours, that is what we think of as success. Is it? Is that all that we need?


We wake up each morning, work, and if we are fortunate, have the time and money to perhaps relax afterwards or take part in a sport or hobby. If we are really successful, we may not have to work at all. Is that all that living means?

Existing from day to day, some of us, the “successful” ones, being able to indulge ourselves more than others? Is this really what living means?

So, successful living is to be rich, powerful and famous, and to have the opportunity to indulge your every desire. How many rich, famous and powerful people have you heard of who have been “happy”? How many have you heard of who have been married many times, whose children hate them, who are alcoholics, drug abusers, who have committed suicide?

No, being rich, powerful and famous does not mean you are successful, and merely existing from day to day does not mean that you are living.

Successful living means being happy.

It means making the most of every moment of your life, enjoying what you have now, and looking forward eagerly to the future, with every intention of making it better.

Successful living also means being a better you, not you against anybody else, just you performing at your very best, not all the time but most of the time. Decide to improve your performance in all of the areas of your life, and realise that there is a vast difference between a standard of living and a quality of life.

You are the only person who can truly decide to improve your performance, and strive for a quality of life. The choice is yours alone.

Choose To Be A Top Performer

All top performers have certain things in common. They are enthusiastic, vibrant, exciting and, on average, happy people.

Top performers are happier people because they are generally achieving more with their lives. They are trying to achieve something worthwhile for themselves, their families, their place of work, and society as a whole. They choose to develop a quality of life rather than just settle for a standard of living.

This article, “The Secret to Successful Living” is taken from “Successful Living” by Brett Walker and Roy Savery, available from Amazon.

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  1. Alex H.

    People these days are materialistic. They won’t appreciate what they have until they lose everything. If you want to be successful, begin by setting goals, and stick to accomplishing them. Successful living means to me being proud of my self after achieving some goals. Successful living is when I make time to be around my friends and family and enjoy every second with them. Thank you for sharing this article; I will check your website!

  2. Joe L.

    “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” – Jack Canfield
    This quote inspires me. I found myself accomplishing more in life just by remembering this every day. I try new adventures and experiences each time. To be honest, I’ve never been more satisfied; on the other hand, you must know that success comes with hard work.

  3. Michael J.

    I ran across your blog post unexpectedly; your article is so encouraging. I would love to add that success means different things to different people, but learning successful people’s habits will help because successful people set goals and take responsibility for their life; they will feel even more powerful. Thank you for sharing these tips!

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