5 Benefits of English Lessons With Skype

Have you ever wondered whether it’s worth having one to one English lessons with Skype from a UK Based English Tutor?

Do you fall behind in your English lessons because your teacher has no time to give you any personal attention?

Are you looking for a solution?

One-to-one tutoring will help you to feel good about learning English and enjoy studying English.

Here are five benefits of English lessons With Skype:

  1. One on One English Lessons Can Be Personalised.

Tutors can ensure that your one to one English lessons align with your interests and your ability.

This will enable the tutors to focus on the topics that you need help with and make the lessons much more interesting for you.  They can match the conversations, projects and reading lists with your interests.

For example, if you are interested in Personal Development then some of the projects can be about Personal Development.

  1. You won’t Fall Behind.

You will not miss a lesson nor fall behind because the class will not start without you.

You will develop a personal responsibility for your own learning, creating a desire to become fluent in English quickly.

  1. Your English Tutor Will Be Able To Evaluate Your progress Closely.

Your teacher can get to know you and keep a record of your progress. This means that the teacher will be able to adjust the lesson plans to help you to develop quickly.


  1. You Will Learn Faster With a One on One Online English Tutor.

English lesson with Skype
Learn faster with one on one English lessons from a native English speaker.



A one-on-one English Language Tutor can listen to you, correct your mistakes and respond to your questions. You will not be distracted by other students and you will be able to focus your attention on the lesson.

In addition, you will be able to practise speaking English with a native English Teacher and become fluent in English quicker.

Consequently, you will enjoy the lessons more because you will feel more involved and you will learn faster.


  1. You Will Learn More in a Caring Environment

An online one to one tutor can create a caring environment.  You will feel free to share and ask questions with no fear of what other students might think.

As a result, your confidence will grow, you will feel able to relax and you will learn more.

Our online, one-to-one English lessons, with Skype, will enable you to learn faster and discover a love for learning. One-to-one tutoring will enable you to receive personalised attention, which will help you to grow in confidence and quickly become fluent in English.

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Paul Andreas

Paul Andreas is a Certified Speaking Coach and qualified TEFL Teacher Online English Lessons delivered by Skype for IELTS exam preparation and conversational English. Get a free trial lesson.

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